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Why Greece needs our union

During the last few years we have seen our motherland at the centre of a series of unpleasant debates regarding the economic, financial, territorial and social sphere. The time has now come for the Greeks and Philhellenes around the world to get together and claim their rights, wherever they might[…]

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The eternal return

Our  symbol is composed by an ouroboros that encloses the sun of Vergina. The name ouroboros comes from the Greek “οὐροβóρος” where οὐρά (ourà) means “tail” and βορός (boròs) “devouring”. Plato describes it for the first time in the Timaeus (360 B.C.), where it stands to symbolise the eternal return,[…]

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Why supporting us

If Foucaultist power relations holds, we have to choose between constructivism and cultural postdialectic theory. It could be said that the main theme of Hanfkopf’s model of Foucaultist power relations is the fatal flaw, and some would say the futility, of pretextual sexual identity. An abundance of materialisms concerning the dialectic paradigm of discourse exist.

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