About Nea Filiki Eteria

Unity to empower Greeks and Philhellenes around the world

We are an association of Greeks, Philhellenes, students, freelance professionals, businessmen residing in countries outside of the motherland, whose aim is to unite and engage greeks and philhellenes all over the world in relevant reflections and actions towards Greece, its citizens and its heritage.

During the last few years we have seen our motherland at the centre of a series of unpleasant debates regarding the economic, financial, territorial and social sphere. The time has now come for the Greeks and Philhellenes around the world to get together and claim their rights, wherever they might find themselves living.

About Filiki Eteria

The direct translation of the word “Filiki” is “Friendly” and the direct translation of the word “Eteria” is “Society” (also “Company” or “Association”).
Filiki Eteria or Society of Friends was founded in 1814 by patriots, Philhellenes and Greeks whose purpose was to free the motherland from the tyrants that were ruling it and establish an independent Greek state. Now as then, we Philhellenes, Greeks and Greek patriots from all over the world found Nea Filiki Eteria with the same goal as our ancestors and with the intention of resuming or initiating a new Hellenistic Spring.

“hence forward thou shall be the cause and object of my thoughts, thy name the guide of my actions, and thy happiness the recompense of my labours.”

—  part of the Great Oath of the Filiki

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